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Laws 2.0

File Information
Name: Laws 2.0
File: Laws
Filesize: 89 kB
Downloads: 376
Date added: Aug 12, 2007
Platform: TI-83+/SE
Language: Basic
File Type: Program
Category: Math
Last modified: Aug 12, 2007
TI-83+/SE BASIC Programs
TI-84+/SE BASIC Programs

Shell: none; MirageOS optional
Rating: 0/10 based on 0 votes.
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File Website: There is no website dedicated to this title.
Author(s): Eric Felder

File Description:  Finally what we've all been waiting for. Laws 2.0 is here. This program will ask for three known values of a triangle (e.g. Angle A, Angle B, Angle C, Side A, Side B, Side C) and will display the three unknown values as well as the area of that triangle. Laws 2.0 is a handy must-have program for Trigonometry and/or Pre-Calculus and/or Calculus. This program is a vast improvement to the first version and is bug free. The program file itself is only about 7kb, but the download is large because more screenshots are included. As mentioned above, this program can be run as any normal BASIC program can, or can be run using MirageOS. View the readme for more information.

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