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Snake v3h Stable Beta 4

File Information
Name: Snake v3h Stable Beta 4
Filesize: 12 kB
Downloads: 3305
Date added: Feb 24, 2006
Platform: TI-83+/SE
Language: Basic
File Type: Game
Category: Arcade
Last modified: Dec 27, 2006
TI-83+/SE BASIC Games
TI-84+/SE BASIC Games

Shell: None
Rating: 7.4 (Good)/10 based on 11 votes.
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File Website: There is no website dedicated to this title.
Author(s): Chu

File Description:  Main Updates from v2.9.1:
-35% smaller
-No memory leaks
-New GUI for Main menu and Difficulty menu

(For the complete list of updates, view the readme document.)

Try to avoid the mines in this snake game! This is a Snake game made entirely out of TI-modified BASIC. It is approximately 2100 Bytes and is compatible with the TI-84 Plus (S/E) and the TI-83 Plus (S/E). With four modes of difficulty and a three person high score tracker, this game can keep you entertained for several hours in a very boring class. Also included is a program that installs the game on your calculator (please run it first if you do not have a previous version of Snake loaded onto your calculator!).



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Review by: crazy2thebone Reviewed on: March 09, 2006 at 23:52:06 AM
Graphics/Interface: 8/10 Line with corners...
Playability/Usability: 10/10 MFing awesome!!!!!
Replay Value/Reuse Value: 10/10 MFing awesome!!!!!
Controls/Interface: 10/10 EZ to use
Overall Value: 9/10 Great Game but u guys are nerds!
This game is worth playing but it is a little too big for a little snake game.^_^

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